Your donors will automatically receive EMAILS and/or TEXT MESSAGES from Harness that instantly acknowledge & gratify them and save you admin time & hassle! 🙌

  • All ONE-TIME & MONTHLY donors receive automatic email receipts (see below).

  • All ONE-TIME & MONTHLY & ROUND-UP donors who have provided their phone # and have their messages turned ON receive these automatic text messages (in addition to the email receipts).


  • Harness automatic emails offer limited customization at this time - you can change the organization colors, logo, and cover image that appears on these emails here. (Want more customization options? Add your request here.)

  • As we are a text-messaging platform (not email) if you'd like to send additional emails to your donors, we encourage you to use your current email provider (ex: Gmail, ConstantContact, MailChimp, etc.).

ALL donors who create an account/donor profile automatically receive a Welcome email (branded with your organization colors, logo, and cover photo found & can be edited here) introducing them to their personal Donor Dashboard where they can make changes to their account, view & print giving receipts, and more! 👇

ALL ONE-TIME & MONTHLY donors (NOT Round-Up donors) who create an account will automatically receive an email receipt:

  • acknowledging their gift

  • thanking them for their donation

  • giving them quick access to their personal Donor Dashboard to make any changes to their account.

*These email receipts will also include any in honor/memory tribute and note information the donor shared. Monthly donors will receive these emails once a month on the date of their monthly charge.

One-Time ONLY donors who check out as a "guest" (they proactively, intentionally opt-out of creating a donor account profile/contact card) will still receive an automatic email receipt acknowledging their gift and thanking them for their donation.

All donors who need to reset their password will receive an automatic password reset email:


  • Harness automatic text messages are fully customizable - simply delete/edit the content currently featured in these messages & add your own.

  • Merge tags make your donor feel like you're sending a personal message.

  • Check out our text message stewardship strategy here & partner examples.

  • Bonus: Add GIFs to gratify your donors!

ALL donors who have provided their phone number (giving consent to receive text messages) will receive one/more of these automatic text messages: 👇


  • How do I change the image that appears in the automatic email receipts?
    From Settings > Organization simply click on the cover photo & replace it with another photo you prefer.

  • The photo in the email looks distorted - how do I fix this?
    As each email system & service provider (ex: Gmail) interprets & displays its own configuration settings, we're unfortunately not able to change how the image is received. The majority of email providers do receive the image appropriately sized, etc (like the examples featured above). How the image appears/displays in the email to the donor depends completely on the donor's personal email provider and configuration settings (along with screen size, zoom ratio, etc.) which is something that Harness is unfortunately unable to proactively identify and thereby fix.

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