After you have added your floating donate button to the back end of your website, you can redirect any other donate buttons/links on your website to cause your floating donate button to "pop up" featuring a specific giving page.

Just add one of our hashtag triggers below to the end of the web page URL your donate/give button is located (example: and use that as the new link for your website button.


  1. Your Default Checkout - #donate

  2. One-Time Only Donations - #onetime

  3. Monthly Only Donations - #monthly

  4. Round-Up Only Donations - #roundup

  5. A Main Campaign Page - #campaign-[ID/number]

  6. A Specific Checkout Page - #checkout-[ID/number]


Check out this tutorial video! 🎥👇

Check out this partner example when you click on any of their Ways to Give. 🙌

For example....👇

To redirect to a specific checkout go to Giving Forms > Checkouts and find the checkout ID (in the link column) and make the link

To redirect to a campaign go to Campaigns > Edit and locate the 4 digit ID at the end of the URL. Make the link for your existing donate button

Mind-blowingly cool, right?

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