Some organizations receive funding through traditional workplace giving (hello, our United Way friends! 👋) where the organization establishes a relationship with a corporation (ex: WellsFargo) that allows them to speak (often face-to-face) to their employees to encourage the employees to enroll with their employer for an automatic payroll deduction (often a specific dollar amount).

Traditionally, the charity/organization collects paper "pledge forms"/sign-up lists of these employees and the employer is responsible for automatically deducting the set funds from the employee's paychecks.

The Problem

  • When that employee leaves the company, the charity loses the gift. Most of the time, the employer withholds the employee contact information from the charity, so there is no way for the charity to continue the giving relationship/re-establish connection or steward for future involvement.

  • Paper pledge forms can get lost, require manual admin documentation, etc.

The Solution

  • Provide employees the option to establish a monthly gift with you directly through one of your Harness fundraising pages. Make it easy by sharing your Harness text-to-give keyword in your presentations so donors can quickly & easily sign up for monthly giving on their phones right after being inspired by your presentation.

Digital Pledge Forms

  • Traditional paper forms/pledge cards are fading out of style & are less secure. For traditional workplace giving where the employee still prefers to submit a classic payroll deduction to their employer, use a FREE tool like a GoogleForm or JotForm to collect the pledge data from the employee (ensuring you get/keep the donor's contact information even if the employee leaves the company). This information is also collected in an Excel doc that you can easily share with the employer.

Donor Options

Tutorial Guide 👇🎥

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