One-Time donors only have the option to check out as a "Guest" by proactively and intentionally de-selecting the "Create a Donor Account Profile" checkbox on your fundraising form.

If they do this, they will only be required to provide the information below. 👇

We cannot force donors to provide phone numbers or addresses after they've proactively/intentionally opted out of creating an account/providing this information from the beginning.

The purpose of "guest checkout" for one-time donors is to give them the ability to check out quickly & easily, requiring as little information as possible.

If you turn guest checkout "off" the only extra step your donors will make is taking less than 10 seconds to create a password. The benefits of your donor creating an account are certainly worth it (to them & you :)). Here's what your donors can do from their personal Donor Dashboard when they create an account/donor profile.

  • First & Last Name *Required

  • Email *Required

  • Credit Card Info *Required

How to Turn Guest Checkout OFF

Checkouts > Actions > Edit > Donation > toggle off Allow Guest Checkout > Save)

How Guest Donors Appear in Your Dashboard

You can still view & download guest checkout donor's names and email addresses and donation history from your Donations report. Within your Admin Dashboard, you'll notice when you click on a guest checkout donor's name, either no slide-out contact card on the right appears or a contact card appears but it is blank/empty.

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