A donor successfully registered for Round-Ups, why are their donations not accumulating/charging?

Harness partners with Plaid to connect to a donor's bank so our technology can calculate each month's unique round-up accumulation.

Plaid has relationships with 15,000+ banks across the U.S.

  • If your bank is listed
    This means Plaid currently has (or has previously had) a relationship with your bank.

  • If your bank is listed, but round-ups are not accumulating or withdrawing
    This means that Plaid & your bank have become disconnected. You may notice an "account error" message within your Round-Up report - here's what that means & how your donors can reconnect.

  • If your bank is not listed
    Here's why. (You can request your bank be added to Plaid's list of providers via Plaid's Support button in the bottom right corner here.)

Unfortunately, Plaid rarely alerts Harness when these infrequent disconnects occur (when they do, we report these to you here with an "account error" message).

Because these disconnects occur outside of Harness's system (within Plaid), we have no way to identify specifically what is causing your personal disconnect (ex: bank makes a security update, Plaid updates their policy, etc.) or when Plaid + your bank will resolve the issue (as the disconnects are occurring OUTSIDE of Harness).

As you can imagine, this is incredibly frustrating for us, so our team built a NEW feature (short-term solution) called Round-Ups Minimum!

We're also working on some even more awesome long-term solutions (direct relationships with card providers) to offer solutions that ensure the Round-Up registration and donation process are easy for your donors and valuable for you.


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