How can I add offline gifts (ex: checks, cash, pledges, matching gifts, previous campaign support) to my Harness campaign thermometer/progress total?

Because the data that displays in your Harness dashboard purely reflects the actions taken by your donors via Harness' giving pages, there isn't a way to add offline gifts or manually manipulate the ticker bar/thermometer to reflect previous campaign support/pledge/matching/other gifts at this time. The campaign thermometer only has the ability to track online credit/debit card donations through Harness's platform.

While the thermometer can't display matching/offline/previous gifts, you can definitely still share these offline donations & previous success in your marketing efforts surrounding your Harness campaign page link.

For example, you can share... "We've raised $xxx so far including checks and cash we're receiving daily! We just need $xxx more to reach our goal."

You can also give periodic updates throughout the day on social media/via email directly addressing that you've received MORE gifts (ex: matching/cash/checks) in addition to the online gifts your donors can see getting you closer to your goal and revealing the "real" total.

For example:

  • Your internal goal: $10,000 (includes a current $5,000 matching gift)

  • Total funds already received via cash/check/etc: $2,000

  • The goal you share with donors via your Harness fundraising campaign goal: $3,000

  • Message to donors: "We are thrilled to have received a $5,000 matching gift via [donor's name] and we're proud to report our community has already given/pledged $2,000! Help us reach our goal of raising $3,000 so we can reach our match!"

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