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Stripe Account Restricted Status
Stripe Account Restricted Status

What it means & what to do.

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What is Stripe?

Stripe is an industry-leading payment processor trusted by over 100,000 companies and nonprofits. It's the payment processor that operates behind the scenes of your Harness fundraising pages allowing you to collect credit & debit card donations from donors.

Why is my account in a disabled/restricted/pending state?

Occasionally, Stripe will need you to provide additional information and/or update your account information (ex: bank documentation to verify your business or confirming the identity of the primary account holder) to ensure you can continue to receive donations (payments) and deposits (payouts) of donations to your bank account.

Stripe should send your Stripe account holder an email notifying you when your account is close to entering a restricted state and how to resolve issues before they arise.

You can also log into your organization's Stripe account at any time and will be able to see at the top of your screen if payments or payouts have been restricted/disabled. They will also provide you information about what information specifically is needed for you to reconcile any discrepancies.

What does this mean for my Harness fundraising pages?

Harness cannot successfully receive donations from donors if your Stripe account has restricted/disabled payments. Please log in to your Stripe account & follow the prompts to reconcile.

How can I get help?

Stripe's security policy does not allow Harness to make requests or submit inquiries on behalf of our partners (otherwise, we'd definitely reach out to them for you!), so we encourage you to contact Stripe Support directly.

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