1. How do I create an impact amount?
    From your Admin Dashboard > Giving Forms > Impact Amounts, type in Amount, Title (keep this short) & Description (see examples here) & Save.

  2. How do I add impact amounts to my checkouts?
    Once you've created your impact amounts here, go to Giving Forms > Checkouts > Actions > Edit > Donation tab, check the boxes for the impact amounts that you want to display for One-Time and Monthly donations, then save.

  3. How do these impact amounts appear on my donation forms?
    When a donor clicks on one of your suggested amounts, the impact amount title & description you created will appear as a color block of text underneath the amounts.

  4. How many impact amounts can I create?
    You can create up to 50 max impact amounts.

  5. Where do the images I connected with my impact amounts appear?
    Under "Make a Donation" on your fundraising/donation page, donors will be able to "Click Here" next to "Need a suggested giving amount?"

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