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Round-Ups Minimum
Round-Ups Minimum

Important announcement about Round-Ups and the introduction of a Round-Ups minimum donation

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Round-Ups Minimum 🎉

What is it?

All active Round-Up donors that register/create a Round-Up AFTER APRIL 9th, 2021 will now be charged a minimum of $9.99 if:

  1. Their monthly round-up/spare change accumulation is less than $10

  2. Their round-up account falls into an "error"/disconnected state

Why the change?

  1. Your organization can now better plan/prepare to expect a certain amount of Round-Ups revenue each month (minimum of $9.99 per Round-Up donor).

  2. The new minimum amount is a reasonable "ask" that corresponds with the minimum monthly cap ($10) a donor can set. Also, the $9.99 round-up donation ends up being less than $0.34/day in round-ups for the donor.

  3. Your organization ultimately gains more revenue by saving $ in processing fees formerly charged on smaller dollar amounts.

  4. On occasion, Round-Up accounts become disconnected & we wanted to remove all barriers to your donor being able to "reconnect"/still give.

How does this affect my current Round-Up donors?

All active Round-Up donors PRIOR TO APRIL 9th, 2021 can expect to continue donating via our previous policy (whatever they accumulate outside of any giving cap they set, they'll give).

What else do I need to know?

We have updated our Terms & Conditions during the Round-Up registration process so donors are aware of the minimum.

We have added additional information concerning this change in your Round-Ups report for easy tracking.

We've updated the footer of the "Connect a Card" and "Final Step" Round-Up registration pages to display information about the $9.99 is the minimum donation each month (see examples below).

How to share this with donors?

  • "Through our new spare change program, you can expect to give on average $0.34/day or more - the more you shop, the more you give back to our mission!"

  • "By donating a minimum of $9.99/mo, your support helps us ensure we can continue to be good stewards of your gift and save on credit card processing fees!"

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