While making a donation, if a donor uses our "add a donation note/comment" option, they are given the choice to make their note visible/not to the public.

If the donor chooses to make their donation note PUBLIC, these are the only place(s) these notes would appear publicly:

  • If you have installed our floating donate button on your website AND the "social proof notification" is ON here (partner example - look at the bottom left corner of their web page to see recent donation pop-ups)

  • On a "main" campaign page accessed through Campaign > Options > Campaign Page if you shared this page publicly 👇


  • My donor made a donation under their name, but now wants to be anonymous - how do I change this?
    From your Contacts tab, search for the donor's name & click on their name for the donor's individual profile to slide out from the right. Choose Edit Contact & replace the donor's name with "Anonymous". *Note: A helpful tip is to document this donor's name in your "Description & Info" section of this contact card/donor profile for future reference

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