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Stripe Account Creation + Required Information
Stripe Account Creation + Required Information

Creating your Stripe account + providing sensitive information.

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Stripe is the secure payment processor Harness partners with that allows you to receive credit & debit card donations through Harness's platform (learn more here). Harness currently does not partner with other competing payment processors (ex:, PayPal, etc.)

Why do they need my information?

As security is a top priority, they require Stripe administrators to provide sensitive/private information like:

The main reason Stripe requires this information is to verify you are an actual person (not a robot) and are truly connected to your charity's organization.

They do not do anything with that information after the verification process.

We also guarantee that providing this information has no effect on your credit score.

Who are Stripe's clients?

Stripe is the most trusted payment processor out there and has the client list to back it up. Here are a few of their clients:

  • Google

  • Amazon

  • Salesforce

  • Blackbaud


  • Save the Children

  • Uber

  • Shopify

  • Wayfair

You can view the full list of their clients here.

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