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  1. What subscription plan options does Harness offer?
    We offer (2) convenient, no-contract plans that start at $99/mo. Check out our pricing page & features here.

  2. How do I upgrade/downgrade my Harness subscription plan?
    Chat with one of our Success Specialists via the blue chat bubble in the bottom left corner of your screen or via [email protected]. You can review plan feature differences here.

  3. How do I update my card on file for Harness billing?
    Click here to visit your Harness Admin Dashboard Settings > Billing & select "Edit/Change Billing" under BILLING INFORMATION.
    Questions? Contact our Support Specialists at [email protected]

  4. How do I view/download invoices/receipts for our monthly payments to Harness?
    Click here to visit your Harness Admin Dashboard Settings > Billing & select "Download" under Invoices. We also automatically email a receipt to your Admin who created your Stripe billing information with us.

  5. How do I get Harness for FREE?
    We have a great referral program - learn more here!

  6. How do I cancel my Harness account?
    We're here for you & want to make sure you're getting the best value & support! Please contact us at [email protected] with your concerns so we can help and discuss next steps.

  7. How do I change my organization's name in Harness?
    From your Settings > Organization tab, simply type in your preferred name under the "Organization Name" section.

  8. How do I update my Harness giving page's subdomain?
    Please submit a ticket to our Tech team with the subdomain you'd prefer. (Usually your name or acronym is best.)

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