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  1. Where can I find a list of my contacts?
    In your Admin Dashboard > Contacts. You can use the search bar in the top right corner of your screen to search for the donor's name.

  2. Why do some of my donors not appear in my Contacts tab?
    One-time donors have the option to check out as a "guest" providing only their name and email address. These donors proactively opt-out of creating a donor profile/contact card (which you'll see when you click on a donor's name and either no contact card appears on the right or the card appears and is blank/empty). While their contact information does not appear in your Contacts tab, you can search for your donor's name in your Donations tab & steward that donor via email. You can also turn guest checkout OFF via our new customized giving forms. (Fundraising > Giving Forms > Actions > Edit > Donation > toggle off Allow Guest Checkout > Save) .

  3. Why have some of my donors created a donor profile but not made a donation?
    It is not uncommon for a donor to create a donor profile but not yet make a donation. While we're unable to identify the intention of a donor who comes to your Harness fundraising page, most often this occurs when/because:

    • The donor intended to make a donation and got through the first part of "creating a donor profile" and "abandoned the cart" perhaps because they needed to go grab their credit card (or personal banking info if signing up for Round-Ups) & forgot to finish making their gift

    • The donor signed up to receive text message updates/alerts about your mission

  4. How do I text a contact through Harness?
    Check out this tutorial video.

  5. How do I change contact information for my contacts?
    From your Contacts tab, click on the donor profile you want to update & a slide-out individual donor profile will appear on the right side of your screen. Simply choose the blue "Edit Contact" option at the top, make your changes, click the blue "Save" button at the top.

  6. How do I delete a contact?
    You can delete a contact from your Contacts report. Click on the contact's name/email address and their profile will open on the right side of the page. From there, use the 3 stacked dots in the upper-righthand corner of their profile and select Delete Contact.

  7. How do I make changes to my donor's subscription(s)?
    Click here to learn more about what you as an Admin can do on behalf of a donor.

  8. How can I send a donation receipt to my donor?
    We automatically send your one-time and monthly donors instant email receipts after they make a donation & your donors can access their personal Donor Dashboard (through any of your Harness fundraising pages) to view/print donation receipts via this guide. You can now also download a PDF receipt directly from Reports > Donations > 3 dots to the right of gift > Download Receipt.

  9. How do I turn text messages OFF for a contact?
    Donors can quickly & easily reply the word "STOP" to any of your texts to be automatically unsubscribed.

    Donors can also log into their personal Donor Dashboard through any of your fundraising pages > My Profile > Turn texts OFF

    IF a donor has responded to any of your texts, their message would appear here & Admins can select the "Turn Messages OFF" button in the upper right corner of the conversation.

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