1. Where can I find my keyword?
    In your Admin Dashboard under Messages > Keyword

  2. What's the shortcode to text my keyword to?
    269-89 found here in your Admin Dashboard

  3. Why can I see only one of my keywords in my Harness Admin Dashboard?
    The overwhelming majority of our partners use one active keyword at a time. As we're seeing an increased number of our partners use more than one keyword at a time, our Tech team will be releasing an update (ETA 2021) that allows you to view/edit all of your keywords at one time.

    In the meantime, please check your Harness subscription plan to confirm it includes more than (1) keyword and email us at [email protected] with this info here.

  4. What happens to my old keyword when I create a NEW keyword in my Harness Admin Dashboard?
    The keyword you had featured here becomes overwritten and the former keyword is no longer active/in use.

  5. Why doesn't my keyword automatically connect with my campaign?
    Your keyword is a free-form tool you can customize to direct wherever you want it to go - to a general giving page, to a specific checkout or giving type page (ex: Round-Ups), a specific campaign page, or even an external link. You can change your keyword & message to feature whatever priority call-to-action you have at any time here.

  6. How do I connect my keyword to my campaign & other fundraising pages?
    For the keyword displayed here in your Admin Dashboard, simply copy & paste the fundraising/campaign page URL into the body of your keyword message & click "save".

    For additional keyword(s), please email us at [email protected] or reach out with your request via the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

  7. How should I best promote my keyword?
    Check out this guide & these partner examples.

  8. Can I add a photo/video attachment to my keyword?
    No - however, you can include within your keyword body message a link to your Harness fundraising page (where an image is featured) or your website, video, landing page, etc.

  9. How do I track what donations were given through my keyword?
    While we currently don't offer any keyword analytics specifically (ex: if a donor gave via the link in the keyword vs via the link on your website/email/etc - here's our current analytics options), a potential workaround could be that you could create a private campaign and share this private campaign link in your keyword only and hide that private campaign link from all other "checkouts" & other promotional channels (ex: emails, social media, etc) - that way when donations are received to that campaign, you can know the donations came through text vs other.

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