Our text-to -give KEYWORD and automatic TEXT MESSAGES are two separate tools.

Your Harness KEYWORD is a tool/vehicle (just like a Facebook post or email is a tool/vehicle) to get your donors (via direct mail, print materials, radio/tv promo, in-person events) quickly to your donation page to give. (Learn more about our keywords here.)

AFTER your donors have...

  • text-in the keyword

  • clicked the Harness fundraising page link featured there

  • & created an account and/or make a donation

THEN they will receive our automatic text messages.

Your AUTOMATIC TEXT MESSAGES are a way to instantly acknowledge and gratify your donors beyond a simple, standard "donation receipt".

You can share a heart-felt "extra" Thank You with your donor, fun & light-hearded GIF of gratitude and make your donor feel like the hero in your story which begins a journey of your donor wanting to receive more updates from you and support you as you grow!


  1. Why can't I add an image/GIF/video to my keyword?
    Keywords are connected to a shortcode number (26989) instead of a traditional phone number (xxx-xxx-xxxx), so they cannot send messages with attachments. You can add images & GIFs to your text messages.

  2. How can I send campaign-specific text messages?
    Click here to learn more.

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