Let's show you how to add "Impact Amounts" to your Checkouts so you can showcase different Impact Amounts for different fundraising appeals!

  1. Create your own Impact Amounts

  2. Create - OR - Edit a Checkout

  3. Click on the "Donations" tab in the pop-up editor

  4. Scroll down to the "Impact Amounts" section(s) and turn check the Impact Amounts that you'd like to display for One-Time and/or Monthly
    (❗ Note: Make sure your impact amounts match the suggested amounts in your checkout, otherwise the impacts won't appear.)

  5. Click "Save" and your Impact Amounts will now display for the selected amounts


You have the ability to turn impact amounts on for "One-Time" and/or "Monthly"

So, if you'd like them turned on for both, be sure to check the impact amounts on both sections for one-time and monthly donation options.

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