Impact Amounts allow you to show the "Impact" of a specific donation "Amount"!

Donors give because they want to make a difference - they don't always know how much of an impact their donation can make, so adding impact amounts to your donation pages helps your donors feel more connected to their giving & confident their gift will move your mission forward.

Here are a few examples of Impact Amounts in case you need some inspiration:

  • $5 = Toy for a Child in the Hospital 🤖

  • $10 = A Warm Meal for a Person in Need 🍝

  • $25 = Vaccinations for a Dog/Cat in our Shelter 🐶

  • $50 = Clean Water for an Entire Month 💧

  • $100 = A Month of Meals for those in Need 🥗

  • $500 = Sponsor a Child for a Year 👨‍👧

  • $1,000 = A Dream Vacation Weekend for a Child ✈️

Did you Know?

You can also add "Photos" to your impact amounts to give them visuals!

Under "Make a Donation" on your fundraising/donation page, donors will be able to "Click Here" next to "Need a suggested giving amount?"

Note: We recommend trying a few different sizes of photos. The container for the impact amount images allows the image to fluctuate their height based on its dimensions.

Want to Add your Own?

Try adding your own "Impact Amounts" to your donations in the dashboard - Giving Forms > Impact Amounts!

Learn more! 👇

Impact Amount FAQs

Displaying Impact Amounts

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