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  1. I've ensured my fundraising pages have specific fields required (ex: address, phone number, etc.) - why are my donors signing up without providing this information?

    The only reason your donors should NOT be required to provide required fields of info is:

  • If these donors happened to access an old donation link - meaning a cached version of one of your donation pages (prior to fields being required) they might have saved on their computer (most common)

  • If you are directing them to any of your "general"/default fundraising pages or campaign-specific pages found in the "FUNDRAISE" tab in your Admin Dashboard

  • If the donor provided the required info during registration but then proactively, intentionally deleted this info from their personal Donor Dashboard after they made their gift

  • If the donor already created an account with you on one of your old donation links (prior to fields being required) where they weren't prompted to give the required info

  • If the donor is making a one-time gift and checking out as a "guest" for expedited check out (learn more about "guest checkout" here)

*Note: Harness is not able to identify what particular situation your donor would be experiencing.

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