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Understanding Campaign Customization Pages
Understanding Campaign Customization Pages

Understand how to customize & share custom campaign fundraising pages.

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Harness offers the ability for you to create MAIN campaign landing pages that look like this (found in your Campaigns tab > Options > Campaign Page):

When donors click on the "Donate Now" or "Ways to Give" Options they'll be led to this page:

Because your MAIN campaign landing pages (1st photo) CANNOT be edited at this time, IF -

  • you need specific customizations (ex: one gift type only or custom amounts)

  • you want to hide these campaigns from public view (ex: P2P/corporate/private campaigns)

You can create a completely SEPARATE fundraising page that you can share with donors INSTEAD OF your main campaign landing page here. Like this 👇 :


  1. How can I create a custom fundraising campaign page?
    By clicking "+ Add" here

  2. Why can't I access my custom fundraising page when I click on the campaign page in my Admin Dashboard?
    Because the custom campaign page you create is a completely independent/separate page. You cannot access your custom page THROUGH your main campaign page. You must share your custom campaign page INSTEAD OF your main campaign page.

  3. Why does a red bar saying "Campaign Unavailable" appear on my final campaign page?
    If the campaign you're trying to share is "hidden" from your DEFAULT giving form here, your default giving form settings will "override" that campaign page's settings. If you DO want this campaign to be visible to the public through your default giving form, simply toggle "on" this campaign in your giving form editor. If you do NOT want this campaign to be visible to the public through your default giving form, simply create a NEW custom giving form page specific to that campaign and share that giving form URL instead of your main campaign page URL.

  4. Will the donations I receive through this custom fundraising page still be attributed to my campaign goal?

  5. Where can I share the main campaign page's description that I'm now bypassing so donors understand what my campaign is about?
    We recommend sharing this on a landing page you create on your website (like this partner below did) and in your communications to your donors about the campaign via emails, social media posts, etc.

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