1. How do I share my campaign with donors?
    From your Campaigns tab in your Admin Dashboard, choose "Options" under your campaign & "Campaign Page" which will open a browser tab featuring your main campaign page. Simply copy & paste this URL into the location where you're promoting this giving opportunity (ex: Facebook, email, etc.).

  2. How can I add offline gifts (ex: checks) to the campaign thermometer total?
    Because the data that displays in your Harness dashboard purely reflects the actions taken by your donors via Harness' giving pages, there is not a way to add offline gifts or manually manipulate the ticker bar/thermometer to reflect previous campaign support/pledge/other gifts at this time. The campaign thermometer only has the ability to track online donations through Harness's platform.

    While the thermometer can't display matching/offline/previous gifts, you can definitely still share these offline donations & previous success in your marketing efforts surrounding your Harness campaign page link. For example, you can share... "We've raised $xxx so far including checks and cash we're receiving daily! We just need $xxx more to reach our goal." You can also give periodic updates throughout the day on social media directly addressing that you've received MORE gifts (in addition to online gifts) getting you closer to your goal and revealing the "real" total.

    You can also remove or adjust your campaign goal to accommodate accordingly via Campaigns > Options > Edit > Edit/Remove Donation Goal > Save.

  3. Can I have multiple campaigns active at the same time?
    Yes! Depending on your Harness subscription plan, you can have 10 or more campaigns "active" & live at the same time! Basic Plan - 10 max active (not archived) campaigns; Premier Plan - 50 max active campaigns.

  4. Can I hide campaigns from public view? What does that mean?
    You can hide campaigns from donors completely by choosing to "archive" those campaigns - this prevents NEW donations from being given. If you'd like the campaigns to be "live"/able to receive donations but "hidden" from your main website's floating donate button/other fundraising pages, simply toggle OFF that campaign from your default checkout here and create a new custom checkout for your campaign that connects to only that campaign.

  5. What happens to monthly donations given to a campaign after it's archived?
    Donor's monthly donations given to an archived campaign will continue to contribute to that campaign until the donor proactively designates their gift to an alternate campaign through their personal Donor Dashboard.

  6. Can I set up campaign-specific automatic text messages?
    Not at this time. In the meantime, here are two easy alternatives:

    1 - Edit Auto-Messages
    Add temporary specific campaign text underneath "general" donation language in your auto-texts with something like "A special thank you to everyone for supporting our [campaign name]!"

    2 - Campaign Manual Message
    Quickly & easily create your campaign thank you message as a template and manually send this message to campaign supporters at your preferred time (ex: best practice is usually mid-way through a campaign as a "progress to goal" update & "keep giving" prompt or after a campaign has ended as a "thank you for helping us reach our goal").

  7. Can I schedule campaign text messages to be sent at specific times?
    Not at this time. We recommend you create a template of the message you'd like to send and set a calendar reminder for yourself to manually send this message at the time you prefer.

  8. How do I edit my campaign page (ex: donation amounts, options, etc)?
    Click here to learn more about customizations options and here to learn more about creating private campaigns.

  9. How do I change the order my campaigns appear in the drop-down menu?
    By default, campaigns appear in the order you create them. You can change the order by going to Giving Forms > Checkouts > Actions > Edit > Campaigns - turn OFF "all campaigns" & turn ON each campaign in the order you want them to appear > Save.

  10. How do I make Harness's default "Area of Greatest Need" campaign disappear?
    Harness's "Area of Greatest Need" automatically appears as a donation option for your donors to give unrestricted gifts instead of just campaign-specific gifts. To turn this "off"/remove this from your main donation pages, create a custom checkout here. Under Donation > Campaign, toggle OFF "All Campaigns" and toggle ON all the campaigns you want to appear.

  11. Can I archive/unarchive my campaigns?
    Yep! From the blue "Options" button under your campaign found here, choose "Archive." To "unarchive" a campaign, choose the "Archived" button in the upper right/middle here, choose "Unarchive".

  12. What is a category & where does it appear?
    A category is an internal (within Harness Admin Dashboard only) tool to help you organize your campaigns (most often into designations vs time-sensitive/specific fundraising events like GivingTuesday). Categories do not appear publicly to your donors.

  13. A donor accidentally gave to no campaign and/or the wrong campaign? How do I transfer them to the correct campaign designation?
    From your Reports > Donation, search for the donor's name, select the 3 stacked dots to the right of the donation amount & choose "Edit Donation". Under "Campaign" select the correct campaign & "Save Changes".

  14. I'm trying to create a campaign but it won't save. Help?
    Let's first check these things:
    - Do you have another campaign with the same title (ex: archived)?
    - Is your campaign photo/GIF larger than the recommended size (here)?
    - Have you copied & pasted your campaign description with text formatting from the source? (if so, choose the text unformat tool)
    Still need help? Chat us via the bubble in the bottom left corner of your screen.

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