We understand some donors may not be able/willing to make an online donation themselves or make changes to their accounts after giving and would prefer you as the charity Admin to take care of things for them. Here's what you can do:

Via Harness Admin Dashboard

*check out this video tutorial

*IMPORTANT NOTE: You must LOG OUT after making a donation on behalf of a donor to ensure future transactions aren't accidentally assigned/credited to the incorrect donor profile.

  • Change donors email address

  • Update donors name, phone number, address

  • Add donors gender, birthday, employer, position, note

  • Refund a donation

  • Transfer donation to a different campaign

  • Cancel a monthly gift

  • Cancel a round-up gift

  • Download PDF (additional) donation receipt

VIA Fundraising Pages

*check out this video tutorial

  • Create a donor account

  • Make a one-time "guest" donation

  • Make a one-time donation + donor account

  • Make a monthly donation + donor account

We also empower donors to make changes to their accounts themselves via these guides found here.


  1. Can I make changes to my donor's account on their behalf?
    Currently, there are limited permissions you can make here.

  2. How can my donor access their personal Donor Dashboard?
    By clicking on "Log In/Register" through any of your Harness fundraising pages/links found here , on your website (if Harness is featured there) and through the "Welcome to Your Donor Dashboard" email we sent when they first created an account with us (example here) and entering their email address and password.

  3. What if my donor can't remember their personal log-in information?
    No worries! They'll log in with their email address & password. If they log in with an incorrect email address, our system will immediately notify them we don't have an account with that email, so they can try an alternative one. You can also find the donor's email address through your Contacts tab by searching for the donor's name and tell them the correct email. If the donor enters the correct email but forgot their password, they can quickly select the "Forgot Password?" link on the log-in form and we'll send them an email immediately to create a new password & login.

  4. How can I refund a donor?
    Search for your donor's name & correct gift in your Reports > Donations. Click the 3 stacked dots to the right of the donation amount, choose "Refund Donation".

  5. How can I stop/cancel a donor's monthly gift?
    Donors can stop their monthly donation quickly & easily themselves through this guide OR you can stop their monthly donation directly within your Admin Dashboard by clicking on Reports > Monthly > Identify the Donor/Gift > Click the 3 stacked dots to the right of the gift > Cancel Gift

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