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How Round-Ups Work
How Round-Ups Work

Learn about how Harness's Round-Up technology works.

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Check out this tutorial video 🎥


  • Donors follow these steps to create an account & connect their debit/credit card & their bank in 5 mins or less. (If they need more info before signing up they can click the "More Info" tab directly on the round-up fundraising page.)

  • They make purchases throughout the month (online, in-person, paying a bill, buying a coffee, etc.). The spare change from each transaction connected to the card & bank will round-up to the next dollar, accumulate throughout the month & the lump sum accumulation of their monthly change will charge on the last day of each month.

  • The day before their round-up donation charges, they'll receive this text message (customize it to your liking :)) & feel good they're "giving back on the go".

  • Donors can log into their personal Donor Dashboard through any of your Harness fundraising pages and view/print their round-up donation receipts via this guide.


  • Charity admins can track their Round-Up donor's progress via their Round-Ups analytics tab. This report shows only the current month's active round-up donors. (To see previous month's round-up giving history, download your CSV/Excel donation report here & sort by column F - "Donation Type".)

  • On the last day of the month, the donor's monthly accumulation of Round-Ups is charged and this information appears to Admins in the Donation report.

Round-Ups Report


  • Harness connects with your donor's bank via Plaid (used by other round-up apps like Acorns) to calculate your donor's unique round-up transaction activity each month and charges your donor's credit/debit card on the last day of the month.

  • Plaid has relationships with 15,000+ banks across the U.S.
    - If your bank is listed, this means Plaid currently has (or has previously had) a relationship with your bank.
    - If your bank is listed, but round-ups are not accumulating or withdrawing, this means that Plaid & your bank have become disconnected. You may notice an "account error" message within your Round-Up report - here's what that means & how your donors can reconnect.
    - If your bank is not listed, here's why. (You can request your bank be added to Plaid's list of providers via Plaid's Support button in the bottom right corner here.)

  • A donor's round-up account "resets" each month.

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