You work hard to create eye-catching & informative designs (hello, Canva!) & appeals that you share with potential donors via:

  • Targeted Emails & E-Newsletters

  • Social Media Posts

  • Special Events (In-Person & Virtual)

  • Connected Partners & Corporations

  • & more

Harness specializes in providing your donors a quick, easy & gratifying donation & stewardship experience via our default (uncustomized) fundraising pages (found in your GIVING FORMS tab in your Harness Admin Dashboard).

We've made it easy for you to start sharing your fundraising pages TODAY. 🎉


  • One-time, Monthly & Round-Up donation options (one-time highlighted)

  • $10, $25, $50, $100 Giving Amounts ($50 highlighted) for One-Time & Monthly

  • None/"Area of Greatest Need" (AKA "unrestricted funds") as the campaign/designation

  • Address & phone number recommended


  • Your organization logo

  • Your organization cover photo

  • Your organization primary & secondary colors

  • Which donation type (one-time, monthly, etc.) is highlighted/suggested

  • One donation type ONLY for general/unrestricted/non-campaign pages


*NEW* You can now create custom fundraising pages (checkouts) here for things like:

  • Donation Type Display for Campaigns (ex: One-Time ONLY)

  • Donation Amount Variations (ex: $25/$75/$125/$250 for One-Time & $5/$10/$15/$25 for Monthly)

  • Campaign Priority Display (ex: Campaign ONLY vs Campaign Primary)

  • Which donation amount is highlighted/suggested

  • Addresses & phone numbers REQUIRED (ex: for One-Time & Monthly ONLY)

  • SmartAsk OFF

  • Guest Check Out OFF

  • Cover Fee Option (ex: Deselected by default and/or turned OFF altogether)

  • In Honor/Memory Option OFF

  • Note/Comment Option OFF

  • Post-Donation Thank You Message

  • Post-Donation Donor Options to "Share on Facebook &/or Twitter" or "View Donation History"

  • Impact Amounts

  • Additional Custom Fields (ex: Workplace Employer, T-Shirt Size, etc.)

Check out our Feature Overview Tutorial to learn more!

Important Notes!

  • For CAMPAIGNS - When you want to connect a campaign you created with a customized donation checkout for that campaign, simply create the campaign 1st, create a checkout that highlights that campaign specifically as the primary/only option, then edit your campaign to connect it to your checkout (Options > Edit > Advanced Options > Checkout > Save).

  • If you need to direct donors to a more robust page of details to give, we encourage you to create a landing page on your website featuring this information (campaign details, etc.) and link the "Donate Now" button on that page to Harness (like this partner did).

  • If you're unable or do not prefer to create your own landing pages on your website featuring this custom text, we also recommend checking out Canva's website landing page options & how to share.

What customizations CANNOT be made to my fundraising pages?

  • Text alterations (ex: changing title/headline on the page from "Make a donation" to "Buy a Ticket")

  • Changing organization branded colors here specifically to a campaign

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