Data Fields (Column):

  • Donation Date (A)

  • Donation Time (B)

  • Description (C)

  • Net Donation (D)

  • Fees Covered (E)

  • Stripe Fee (F)

  • Platform Fee (G) *if applicable to your Harness subscription plan

  • Total Gross Donation (H)

  • Payment Type (I)

  • Card Brand (J)

  • Expiration Month (K)

  • Expiration Year (L)

  • Last 4 Card Number (M)

  • Stripe Charge ID (N)

  • Custom (O)

  • Harness ID (P)

  • Charity ID (Q)

  • Charity Name (R)

  • Donor First Name (S)

  • Donor Last Name (T)

  • Donor Email (U)

  • To Charity ID (V)

  • Harness Platform Donor (W)

  • Fee Paid by Donor (X)

  • In Honor/Memory Name (Y)

  • In Honor/Memory FROM Name (Z)

  • In Honor/Memory Message (AA)

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