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Most of the time, round-up registration errors/disconnects are caused by:

  • A donor's bank not being a listed partner (though rare as we partner with 18k banks across the US)

  • A donor is incorrectly entering their personal banking login information in the last step of the process

  • A donor's bank is requesting multi or two-factor authentication or special permissions before allowing them to register

  • The donor's internet speed is slow/timing out the screen

  • The donor's internet browser is incompatible (ex: older versions of Internet Explorer) or has a setting (security/other) blocking a part of the process


  • We recommend donors give a small monthly gift (ex: $15/mo) instead

  • Encourage the donor to ensure they are entering in their personal bank login information correctly (ex: capital letters, symbols, etc.)

  • Encourage the donor to contact their bank/financial institution directly for support/next steps

  • Encourage the donor to refresh their screen by either selecting their browser's "refresh" icon or pressing CTRL + F5

  • Encourage the donor to open a new/different browser (ex: we recommend using Chrome) and try again

If you believe there to be another error or are still experiencing issues, please report the issue here.

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