Whether you're hosting an event for the first time or you're well into planning your 50th anniversary annual event (in-person or virtual), we understand your goal is to increase as much engagement and funds as possible!

Providing your donors the ability to engage & give in multiple ways increases the opportunity for you to receive funds and build relationships with new donors.

As our platform is built to increase recurring revenue for your organization (as opposed to short-term, one-time gifts primarily received through special event activities - ex: auctions, raffles), our tools are built to drive monthly giving. However, the overwhelming majority of our partners use our keyword to ask for recurring gifts during their events. 🥂

They'll also use our campaign tool to create an event campaign & different fundraising pages tied to this campaign, depending on whether/not they're asking for sponsorships or general donations. Some partners have also used our platform to promote the purchase of raffle tickets (see examples below).


Check out this tutorial video 👇🎥

We currently do not offer registration-only (free) event options, however we'll be adding this option Spring 2022!

How To 🚧

  1. Create a campaign
    This is the "funding bucket" that allows you to easily track/distinguish donations to this initiative from others. You can create one campaign titled bucket if you want or multiple. If you're planning to collect multiple TYPES of donations for one event (ex: Sponsorships vs Tickets vs Raffle vs General), we recommend creating a separate campaign for each of these gift types so that you can clearly distinguish gifts.

  2. Create a checkout
    From Giving Forms > Checkout create a NEW checkout (we recommend you title it the same name as your campaign for easy internal reference). Actions > Edit > Donation > Campaigns > toggle OFF "All Campaigns" & toggle ON only this campaign you want to appear.

  3. Create impact amounts
    From Giving Forms > Impact Amounts, create the impacts for each gift amount & type. Example: $5 = 1 raffle ticket; $1,000 = Bronze sponsorship, etc. Return to your checkout & turn ON these impacts - Actions > Ediit > Donation > One-Time/Monthly toggle ON the impacts you want to appear for that checkout > Save.

  4. Connect campaign + checkout
    From Campaigns > identify the campaign. Options > Edit > Advanced Options > Checkout > Choose the correct/corresponding checkout > Save.





For auction donations, we recommend considering Qtego (Greg, [email protected]) as they have a robust list of event offerings.


We're excited to help you acquire donations TODAY! As pledges are "promised payments" for the future (that can be delayed, downgraded, or unfulfilled altogether), we recommend you encourage your donors to give a smaller monthly gift TODAY in lieu of a promised, one-time, larger gift in the future.

For example, if a donor wants to pledge a one-time, $1,200 gift, we recommend they give $100/mo instead. **PRO TIP: Monthly donors have a lifetime value 5x GREATER than a one-time donor.

If you need to collect pledge information from donors, we recommend using a 3rd party tool like JotForm or GoogleForm (click here to see the difference & click here for a partner example/sample). *Please note, these 3rd party tools do NOT integrate with Harness's platform.

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