Harness's tools are designed to increase your recurring gifts through activating & engaging individuals through Round-Ups and monthly giving. 💸

P2P fundraising is designed to attract new, one-time donors. As there are many free P2P-style fundraising tools available to non-profits (ex: Facebook, GoFundMe, etc.), Harness does not offer "traditional" P2P fundraising.

However, some partners have used Harness's campaign tool to create fundraising pages on behalf of their fundraisers (Board members, individuals, corporations, etc.). 👇 Check out these partner examples below & watch this short tutorial 🎥 on how you can create your own P2P fundraising pages in Harness.


Thank you for fundraising on behalf of [organization name] - we appreciate you! Please submit your answers to the following questions below by [date & time deadline] so we can create your fundraising page for you and share this with you by [date & time] so you can start fundraising right away!

Your First & Last Name:

Name of Your Fundraiser: (if applicable)

Fundraising Goal: (if applicable)

Fundraiser Description: (Why are you fundraising on behalf of [organization name]?)

Questions? Please contact [organization contact name & information].


  • Can I create sub-campaigns within one main peer fundraiser?
    This is not possible at this time. However, you can create a campaign for each individual fundraiser and simply add the totals from each fundraising campaign at the end of your event to see the total raised for all fundraisers.

  • Can the fundraisers create their fundraising page themselves?
    No - as your donors don't have admin access to your Admin Dashboard, there is no way for them to create a fundraising page themselves, however you can create one for them in less than 5 minutes via the steps/tutorial video above

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