We're excited to welcome your new colleague to the Harness family! 🎉

We've made it easy to bring your teammate up to speed! 🏃‍♂️ Need to get them onboard & trained on all things Harness? Follow these steps: 👇

  1. Share this article with them (simply copy & paste this website URL into the body of your email to them)

  2. Have them check out these resources:

    Harness Admin Dashboard Tutorial Video
    Kick-Off Resources
    Help Desk & Resource Center

  3. Add them as a teammate in your Harness Admin Dashboard here 🤼

  4. Have them join one of our weekly Training Sessions 📞 for an overview of the Harness Admin Dashboard.

  5. Encourage them to take a look at our Getting Started Guide 📚.

  6. Encourage them to reach out with any questions at [email protected] or chat with us via the chat bubble in the bottom left corner here. 🙋‍♀️


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