1. When will I receive my first payout?
    Your first payout usually is deposited within 7-10 business days. Click here to learn more & change your payout schedule.

  2. How do I download a report of my recent payouts?
    Click here to access your Harness Admin Dashboard > Reports > Payout. Identify your payout, choose the 3 dots on the right, click "download report".

  3. Can I download my payout report by months?
    Harness offers payout reports according to the payout schedule you've established with Stripe. If you have set your payout to be monthly, you can easily download 1 payout report for that month. If you have received multiple payouts in a month, we encourage you to download and merge into one Excel file the payout reports from that month.

  4. How do I reconcile my payout report with Quickbooks?
    Click here for recommended guides.

  5. How do I download a report showing processing fees covered or not?
    Your Donation and Payout reports will show you the intended donation, cover fee covered/not, and total donation given.

  6. I don't have access to my organization's Stripe account - how can I log in to view reports & make changes?
    Your Harness/Stripe account main administrator usually is the person who created/connected your Stripe account during your onboarding steps with Harness. They can follow these steps to add you and other teammates to Stripe.

  7. How can I apply for our organization to receive Stripe's non-profit discount?
    Click here to learn more & click here to apply from your Harness Admin Dashboard.

  8. Can I refund a donation in Harness?
    Search for your donor's name & correct gift in your Reports > Donations. Click the 3 stacked dots to the right of the donation amount, choose "Refund Donation".

  9. How can I stop a donor's monthly donation in Harness?
    Donors can stop their monthly donation quickly & easily themselves through this guide OR you can stop their monthly donation directly within your Admin Dashboard by clicking on Reports > Monthly > Identify the Donor/Gift > Click the 3 stacked dots to the right of the gift > Cancel Gift

  10. What payment options do donors have to give through Harness?
    - All major credit/debit cards (Visa, MC, AmEx, etc.)
    - GooglePay - NOT YET AVAILABLE
    - ApplePay - NOT YET AVAILABLE
    - ACH/Bank withdraw - NOT YET AVAILABLE

  11. Why are some fields in my payout report blank?
    As Stripe does not produce a detailed payout report (donor data + payment info), Harness created one for you here that searches Stripe for payment data & adds your donor's data to it. Empty/blank data fields in Columns C > M are blank because these are transactions that occurred OUTSIDE of Harness's system through a separate tool you must be using that also uses Stripe as the payment processor. Because these transactions are occurring outside of Harness's platform, there is no way for Harness to know what donor information is attributed to these donations/transactions. Any donation made through Harness would be identified by the word TRUE in Column F.

  12. Can my donors give recurring gifts at alternate timelines (ex: quarterly, bi-monthly)?
    Not at this time but you can request this & other features here. In the meantime, we recommend encouraging your donors to give a smaller amount monthly that equals the larger gift they would intend to give quarterly. (Ex: If they wanted to give $30 each quarter, we recommend they give $10/mo instead).

  13. How do I change my Harness subscription?
    You can upgrade/downgrade at any time - simply contact your Customer Success Specialist or click the chat bubble in the bottom left corner of your screen to alert our team of your preference.

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