There are actually 1,000s of potential configurations of checkouts based on the options provided when customizing your own checkout!

These options allow you to control the giving form for that specific checkout and collect the necessary information from the donor.

We have outlined the customizable options for each checkout below, but here are some of the most frequently used options:

  • Display and Require Address

  • Display and Require Phone Number

  • Customizing the SmartAsk to include your own image

  • Adding a "Sponsor" to a specific Checkout (e.g. 💖 Sponsored by Company XYZ)

  • Choosing to ONLY display a set list of "Campaigns"

  • Adding "Suggested Amounts" for one-time and monthly donations

What can be customized in a Checkout?

Checkouts allow you customize almost every part of the donation process including:


  • Checkout Name

  • Footer / Sponsored By


  • Donation Types (One-Time, Monthly, Round-Ups)

  • Default Donation Type

  • Custom Amounts

  • Suggested Amounts

  • Campaigns to Display

  • SmartAsk Customization (image + multiplier)

  • Cover Fees (yes/no)

  • In Honor/Memory (yes/no)

  • Notes / Comments (yes/no)

  • Thank You Page (message + actions)

Contact Info

  • Phone Number

  • Mailing Address

  • Employment

Custom Fields

  • Choose "Custom Fields"

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