Our "Checkouts" feature allows you to create custom donation forms in order to control the donation types, questions asked and information gathered during the donation checkout process.

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What can be customized in a Checkout?

Checkouts allow you customize almost every part of the donation process including:


  • Checkout Name

  • Footer / Sponsored By


  • Donation Types (One-Time, Monthly, Round-Ups)

  • Default Donation Type

  • Custom Amounts

  • Suggested Amounts

  • Campaigns to Display

  • SmartAsk Customization (image + multiplier)

  • Cover Fees (yes/no)

  • In Honor/Memory (yes/no)

  • Notes / Comments (yes/no)

  • Thank You Page (message + actions)

Contact Info

  • Phone Number

  • Mailing Address

  • Employment

Custom Fields

  • Choose "Custom Fields"

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