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Pro Tips for Launching Round-Ups πŸ’°
Pro Tips for Launching Round-Ups πŸ’°

Things to consider when launching a successful round-up campaign.

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We want you to have a successful launch of Round-Ups to your network of supporters! πŸ’ƒπŸŽ‰


Round-Ups by design tends to primarily attract 4 groups of people:

  • Younger donors

  • Donors who prefer the convenience of "set and forget" automated payments

  • Donors who don't have the financial ability to commit a large donation

  • Donors who don't know you well enough yet to commit a large gift


  • "We've made it even easier for you to support our mission - donate your spare change with your everyday purchases by joining our new Round-Up your spare change program!"

  • "Did you know that only even your spare change while you shop each month can create [xyz] impact for those we serve? You can give quickly & easily here [website or Harness fundraising link]."

  • "New [year, website, rebrand, season], new way to give - check out how your spare change creates BIG change for those we serve [insert Harness Round-Up link]."

The #1 reason why donors sign up for Round-Ups:

when YOU have personalized your appeals/communications to share HOW/WHY a small donation like spare change can help those you serve.

Donors just want to make a difference with their gift & if they can do it in a way that's really easy & convenient for them, even better!


Things to consider that impact the success of your Round-Ups initiative:

  • Whether/not Round-Ups is promoted as the ONLY way to give to a campaign or the MAIN way to give + other options (ex: one-time, monthly)

  • Whether/not Round-Ups is being promoted as a campaign in & of itself vs Round-Ups is offered as a means to support a specific campaign initiative (ex: Support Our Urgent Need Campaign Through Your Spare Change)|

  • Whether/not Round-Ups is intentionally marketed as the "best way to support us right now" over other ways to give

  • Whether/not Round-Ups is consistently and frequently promoted through ALL channels (newsletter, direct mail, emails, social media, etc.)

  • Whether/not Round-Ups promotions are lost in the midst of many other communications/solicitations you're sharing with your network

  • Whether/not Round-Ups is intentionally promoted for at least 3-5 weeks through all channels (generating awareness & momentum)

  • Whether/not Round-Ups is offered alongside communication from your organization of the VALUE spare change donations can add to your mission

  • Whether/not a perk/incentive is offered to join

  • Whether/not the organization's Round-Up goal (ex: "20 Round-Up donors will reach our goal for XYZ") is advertised to the public & used to engage donors via "we're close to reaching our goal!"

  • The size of the audience Round-Ups is presented to (ex: only a few hundred people via email vs ALL networks est 10,000+ total potential donors)

Your donors will usually react to Round-Ups with:

  1. This is so exciting! I'm signing up now! πŸ‘

  2. This seems interesting - tell me more about...(the value to me as a donor, the impact I'll be making, how my data will be secure, etc.) πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

  3. This isn't for me, but I'd like to make a standard monthly or 1x gift instead πŸ’Έ


Check out our full hub of Round-Up resources here & partner examples here.

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