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What data does Harness track?

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Harness currently offers basic analytics & tracking of data and will continue to add more tracking metrics in the future.

Harness Fundraising Pages

We offer tracking & analytics of data of activity that takes place within your Harness fundraising pages via Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel.

We do not currently collect information or offer data analytics on activity pre or post Harness fundraising pages (ex: if a donor accessed your Harness fundraising page via a keyword/email/social media solicitation). We recommend using a 3rd party tool like bit.ly to track this type of additional data.

*UPDATE (Oct 2020) - Harness + GoogleAnalytics - we've updated the final confirmation page (NEW URL) so that if you are trying to track conversions using "Confirmation Page Links" as the conversion goal, you now have a page URL you can input in your tracking platforms as a way of knowing the user/donor reached the confirmation page (ultimately meaning they completed a donation). Ex: /wv2/donation-confirmation and /wv2/roundups-confirmation

*Facebook Pixel NOTE: Facebook Pixel loads on every page of your Harness Giving platform including campaigns. It uses your organization's primary Facebook Pixel and then fires off standard Facebook pixel events. These are then received in your Facebook Business Manager and include events such as - Page View, View Content, Initiate Checkout, Purchase, Complete Registration, Add Payment Info.

Advanced Tracking Information

Harness currently provides "Confirmation URLs" for our various donation types which will allow your organization's tracking software to know when a donation (or Round-Up Signup) has been completed.

The 2 "Confirmation" URL paths are:

  • /wv2/donation-confirmation

  • /wv2/roundups-confirmation

The reason we have two different "Confirmation URLs" is that the first is for One-Time & Recurring Donations, while the second is for donors signing up for Round-Ups.

We also added GET parameters to the confirmation URLs in order to provide more information about the donation itself:

  • amount

  • campaign_id

  • checkout_id

  • type (one-time/monthly)

An example of "Confirmation URL" for an organization might look like this:


Harness Keyword (Text-to-Give)

Basic (ex: # of donors who text the keyword)
Available: Now (via request to CS)

  • Harness can report the number of people who have text in your keyword.

  • We are unable to report any contact information associated with those people (name/phone #) or where/how those donors accessed your keyword information.

  • This # of text-ins resets whenever a change is made to the keyword (including keyword content/link).

โ€‹Advanced (ex: conversion rate)
Available: Winter 2022

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