We make it easy for you to see your current, actively registered Round-Up donor activity via your Round-Up Analytics Report.

On occasion, an "Account Error" message will appear in red for a donor. 👇


The "Account Error" message appears for Round-Up accounts that were active prior to December 5th, 2020 & have become disconnected from Plaid due to one or more of a variety of reasons, but most often:

  • The bank associated with that card updated their security settings which "reset" the authorization/account connection approval the donor originally gave

  • The donor changed their personal bank log-in information which "reset" the authorization/account connection approval the donor originally gave

Until your donor(s) reconnect their accounts, their donations will not be able to accumulate additional spare change to donate. Learn more about why this occurs here.

For Round-Up donors that signed up PRIOR TO April 9th, 2021, they will need to be prompted to reconcile the disconnect (see below).

For Round-Up donors that signed up AFTER April 9th, 2021, they will automatically donate $9.99/mo until they reconcile the disconnect (learn more).

How can I tell the date?

Click on the donor's name & their individual donor profile on the right under "Overview > Sign-up Date" will show the date of their account creation.


To resolve this issue, the donor needs to log into their personal Donor Dashboard where they should automatically receive prompts from Harness to reconnect their card. They can do so easily one of these ways:

  • Through the "Welcome to Your Donor Dashboard" email they received from Harness when they first created their account

  • Through any of your Harness giving pages accessed via you emailing them one of your Harness giving pages (found in your "Giving Forms" tab in your Admin Dashboard) or accessed via your Harness giving page on your Website (if Harness featured on your website)

In the event the donor does not see any automatic prompts to reconcile from their personal Donor Dashboard, they can easily cancel their current Round-Up registration via this guide & create a new Round-Up registration via any of your Harness checkout pages.

Our Tech team is in the process of creating automatic notifications (for future release) that will notify your donors of these errors automatically. In the meantime, the easiest thing to do is for you to send a mass email to these donors using a template like the one shared below. 👇



Thank you so much for supporting our mission here at [ORGANIZATION NAME] through your Round-Up spare change monthly donations! We appreciate you!

We noticed that your Round-Up account is currently disconnected and your spare change donations are currently suspended. You can easily reactivate your account by clicking here (HYPERLINK ONE OF YOUR HARNESS FUNDRAISING PAGES) and logging into your personal Donor Dashboard where you will be automatically prompted and guided to reconnect your giving. We appreciate you doing this as soon as you're able so your spare change can support our efforts this month.

Questions? Contact XXXX at XXXX@XXXX.org.


Thanks so much, again, for your support!

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