Because your cover photo & campaign photos can be displayed in a multitude of ways on different pages, devices, screens, etc. and because our system has built-in, unchangeable settings that automatically attempt to adjust your photo for best fit, we emphasize using photos as close to the following as possible: 👇

  • 16:9 dimensions (at least 800 x 450 px)

  • Images with NO Text (or limited text that's left-aligned) as text displayed in/on a photo can become warped when expanded/shrunk

  • Images with the focus of the image on the left side (or centered)

  • Images that capture the nature of your mission (ex: not a picture of your facility but a picture of your mission in action - ex: like food distribution, counseling, etc)

Best Practice: Try uploading different photos and/or resizing your photo a few different ways & uploading to test out your ideal view.



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