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The most successful campaigns answer these questions for your donors:

  • What's the problem?
    Ex: Thousands of people are going hungry in our community each day. Children/animals/refugees etc are being abused/neglected/abandoned each minute.

  • What do you believe about that problem?
    Ex: It's unacceptable! No one should wonder where their next meal is coming from. No child should have to be afraid of their family. No animal should be kept in a cage with no one to love them. No refugee should be unable to receive support in time of need.

  • How are you solving the problem?
    Ex: We distribute XX meals each week through our kitchen & pantries. We provide safe housing for the abused. We have XX programs & services that serve XX each day/week/month/year.

  • What are you fundraising for specifically?
    Ex: Urgent & unexpected needs that have arisen, program/territory/facility expansion, etc.

  • How will that help? What can a one-time/small monthly gift/big gift do?
    Ex: Consider making a one-time gift, monthly gift, and/or support in other ways (ex: Round-Ups, Amazon Smile, etc.) Even $5/month can help us do XYZ. It will help us restore critical funds missing during this season, help us continue our operations, etc. A monthly gift of $15 can contribute to things like XYZ.

  • How can the donor sign up?
    Ex: Click this link in our newsletter or go to our website or visit our Facebook page or text our keyword or give online etc.

The best campaigns...

  1. Connect with a donor's heart (connecting emotionally with your donors is key - don't just throw facts/stats at them, tell a story!)

  2. Communicate how you're solving the problem (regardless of your cause, the best campaigns showcase how you plan to solve the problem through your programs/services because of donor support)

  3. Empower your donors (show them how even a small one-time/monthly/round-up gift can create a tangible impact for your mission)

  4. Simplify their giving - make it easy to give via quick links on your website, in your email/social media post, on your website


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