⭐ BEST PRACTICE: Harness your website within 30 days of your Kick-Off call

IMPORTANT: Each website is unique & Harness has no way of knowing your organization's unique configuration. Your best resource for questions & best practices on how to feature Harness on your website is your website provider (Ex: WordPress) or your systems administrator/webmaster.

We have provided step-by-step instructions for the most common websites:
Find Instructions for my Website Provider



Check out your website donation page best practices here.

  1. Give your donors a more mobile-friendly & delightful online giving experience

  2. Give your donors a consistent giving experience (whether through your website, an email, or social media appeal, or other)

  3. Provide your donors instant gratification through automatic text messaging

  4. Receive donor information so you can steward them for future appeals, etc.

  5. Our SmartAsk encourages one-time donors to make an automatic recurring gift!

  6. Our donation tracker creates social proof that encourages other donors to give


  1. Floating "Donate" Button + Partner Example ⭐ BEST!
    > Found in your Admin Dashboard here under Settings > Website Code
    > Step-by-Step Installation Guides (for most website providers)
    > Don't see a guide? Contact your web developer/site builder (ex: WordPress)
    > BONUS - Trigger your floating button to pop up instantly with our guide below!


Redirect your other website donate buttons to "pop-up" your Harness button.

Learn more!

    2. Direct Links + Partner Example
        > Found in your Admin Dashboard under Giving Forms > Checkouts
        > Copy & paste your Harness URL (found under "Link") in the place of your current donate URL

3. Embed + Partner Example
> Custom created by your CS Specialist upon request

> Not recommended due to display variations on screen size, etc

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