What is a Keyword?

A Keyword - AKA text-to-give - is a tool you can use (in addition to a Facebook post, email, etc.) to direct your donors quickly & easily to a donation link to give. Donors do NOT make a donation by texting in a $ amount to the number.

Your keyword is a unique word or phrase that your supporters can text to a short code number (269-89) to receive a custom response that you set for that Keyword.

For example, a supporter texts your custom Keyword (i.e. HELPING) to 269-89 they are automatically sent an auto-response, which can include texts, links & more!

What should I use a Keyword for?

Keywords are great for all types of events, marketing, and more! Β Here is a basic list:

  • Print Materials (Direct mail, paper newsletters, flyers, decals, banners/signs etc.)

  • Events (Display your keyword on the presentation screen and/or verbally)

  • Radio/TV Promotions

How do I set up a Keyword?

Click here to create or edit (1) keyword in your Admin Dashboard. Your Harness Admin Dashboard can only display (1) keyword at this time.

Does your subscription include more than (1) keyword? Send your Keyword request to CS Specialist Meg at [email protected] with this information:

  1. What keyword you want to request (ex: one word is best)

  2. What message you want your keyword to share (ex: give monthly to our campaign)

  3. What link you want your donors to interact with (ex: your monthly Harness giving page)

Need additional keywords?

Not available at this time - Max 1 keyword for Premier Partners

Keyword Examples

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