Harness offers:

  • Multiple variations of default fundraising pages (under "Fundraising Hub" within "Giving Forms")

  • Multiple variations of custom fundraising pages (under "Giving Forms" > Checkouts)

You can quickly & easily share these fundraising URLs/direct links directly with donors through social media posts, e-newsletters, targeted email blasts, and more!

Simply copy & paste the link (Harness fundraising page URL) into your promotional tool (ex: check out how to share your pages on Facebook)! 👇

You can find & create ALL of your fundraising pages conveniently in one place here in the GIVING FORMS tab of your Dashboard.


Your "Fundraising Hub" is an internal resource center (not a page to be shared publicly) featuring different options of things you can do with Harness and a warehouse for your default fundraising pages.

Fundraising Page Features

✅ Minimalist, mobile-friendly design

✅ Max (4) donation amounts

✅ (3) giving types (one-time, monthly, round-ups)

✅ Campaign designation (optional)

✅ SmartAsk automatic monthly prompt for 1x donors

We also offer donation pages that feature one giving type only (Ex: only Round-Ups)

Harness Fundraising Page Data Fields


You can create & edit custom fundraising pages for specific campaigns, dollar amounts, types & more using your Giving Forms > Checkouts tool!

What are Checkouts?

Fundraising Page Customization Options

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