One of the most important elements of attracting and retaining recurring donors is sharing with them the impact their donation has on your mission. Donors have increased confidence in and connection with you when they are reminded of what, how, and why their donation makes a difference.

When you create an Impact Post, it does NOT automatically become public or send to donors. You can easily edit & share your Impact Post either by copying & pasting your Impact Post URL to your promotional tool (ex: email, Facebook, etc.) or by attaching it to a manual text message or auto-message.

Types of Impact Posts:

  • A recent accomplishment (ex: "Because of your support, we were able to host a special community event allowing us to impact 100 more people!")

  • A progress update on a project or campaign (ex: "We just completed Phase 1 of our building project - here's what we accomplished...")

  • A client testimonial (ex: "Before receiving our services, Suzie & her family were homeless & hopeless. But with your support, they received XYZ and now have a home & a future!")

  • A data update on your cause (ex: "A new study has shown 250,000 kids are food insecure in our area. To support them, we are increasing our food distribution by 25% in the next 3 months.”)

Impact Post Examples:

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