Stripe is the payment processor that Harness partners with to securely receive and process your donations from donors via your Harness giving pages.

While Harness is the “face” of your donors giving experience, Stripe is the “engine” operating behind the scenes of your Harness fundraising pages giving you the ability to receive donations through Harness' platform.

*Harness collects all major debit/credit card donations only and does not partner with other payment systems like PayPal or authorize.net. We currently do not accept ACH, GooglePay or ApplePay.

When creating your account with Harness, your Stripe onboarding step requires you to create a Stripe account (if you don't already have one) and connect that Stripe account with Harness so your donation pages are "live" and ready to receive donations!

P.S. - Don't forget to apply for Stripe's Non-Profit Discount for Donation Processing Fees!


  1. Payments - The individual donations your donors made to you
    Stripe Admin Dashboard > Activity > Payments

  2. Payouts - The accumulation of donations from these donors during a certain period of time (determined by your organization within Stripe) and paid to you via a payout (at a time set by you within Stripe)
    Stripe Admin Dashboard > Activity > Payouts

Stripe provides the most accurate reporting on:

  • When an individual donation was made to you by a donor (including donation details like card type, etc.)

  • When these donors' donations get "batched together" and donated in a lump sum via a payout to you

  • Any outlier transactions (ex: refunds you issued, etc.)

  • Any failed/other payment notices & reasons (ex: insufficient funds)

  • The fees Stripe charged you per transaction


Harness' Admin Dashboard shows donation data for:

  • One-Time Gifts - immediately after the donation is made

  • Monthly Gifts - the first gift immediately after the donation is made and each subsequent gift on the anniversary of that 1st monthly donation date

  • Round-Up Gifts - the accumulation of that month's total Round-Up donations on the last day of each month

We offer multiple reports (learn more):


For security, Stripe does not allow Harness to make inquiries or changes on behalf of our partners, so we encourage you to reach out to Stripe Support directly with any specific questions about discrepancies, fees charged, or other (we've found their chat option to produce the fastest response).


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