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Launch Your Giving with Staff & Friends
Launch Your Giving with Staff & Friends

Best practices for launching your recurring giving program internally first.

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Our most successful partners launch their NEW Harness ask (ex: Round-Ups, monthly giving program, campaign, etc.) INTERNALLY to their Board and committee members, staff, and most loyal partners before they launch externally to the general public and their database of donors.

This is for 2 main reasons: 

  1. Your internal team can identify areas for you that may need revision - ex: unclear marketing, tech errors, etc. - before the public discovers them.

  2. Your internal team will be your "early adopters" who sign up first giving you not only a starting point of support that builds momentum, but also becoming a small army of people who can help you spread the word and encourage donor sign-ups.

Here are some BEST PRACTICES to engage your INTERNAL team(s):

  • Get excited! If YOU’RE not excited, your colleagues/Board members/other departments won’t be excited.

  • Communicate that this is a NEW, EASY, FUN way to make an impact without having to make any grand gestures (your staff already give so much, you don’t want them to feel like this is “one more thing” they’re held to).

  • Show them via your own data how quickly a little change adds up to big results (ex: “If only X many of us sign up, we will not only gain back the investment we made in this technology, but will exceed it in X few months! If only X donors sign up, we estimate raising an additional $X,XXX each month with next to NO effort on our part!)

  • Explain to them how this is a great way to engage NEW donors (marketing Round-Ups, this is an easy, lower entry point of support), CURRENT supporters that aren’t $ donors (here’s looking at you, Volunteers!), and your BEST donors/partners (by giving them a way to extend their giving, further establishing their roots in your mission – the goal!). 

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