Merge Tags Personalize your message for each recipient by customizing the message to each individual with things like their Name, Last Donation Amount, Last Donation Time, etc....


General Purpose Merge Tags

BASIC Merge Tags

Use [first_name] to add the recipient's First Name

Use [last_name] to add the recipient's Last Name

Use [organization_name] to add your Organization's Name


[last_donation_amount] to add the Amount of Last Donation

[last_donation_time] to add the Date/Time of Last Donation


WHY you should use Merge Tags?

Using Merge Tags allows you to send text message announcements to multiple individuals while still keeping a "personal" feel by adding the supporters name!

For example, if you had two supporters, Matt & Jordan, you could send a message with "Hi [first_name], thanks for supporting our cause".  This would automatically fill in the first name for each individual when they receive the message (i.e. "Thanks Matt....)

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