Your recurring donors are often subscribed to specific programs you've created/implemented like:

Monthly Giving Program
Organization Membership
Round-Up Spare Change Program*
GiveUp to Give Back*

Recurring Donors receive value when:

  • they know their money is being put to good use/well stewarded

  • they are treated differently/better than one-time/other donors

  • they get something "in return" for their generosity

  • they are acknowledged/recognized and honored/rewarded in some way

You can communicate this value to them by:

  • providing them exclusive content (ex: "insider information" or update from CEO/Board; early access to or discounts on special event ticket/raffle sales) one-time/other givers don't receive

  • offering them more personalized/detailed "impact" updates (ex: giving them a "hand-written" thank you letter drawn/written by one of the clients you serve). Pro Tip: Check out how you can integrate to automate this process, allowing you to send out "hand-written" notes at scale! 

  • giving them exclusive perks for being a recurring giver (ex: initial gift of "swag bag" of your branded items like T-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, pens, etc.; invitation to exclusive, annual "Monthly Giver Program Event")

  • recognizing them publicly - putting their name on a "brick" outside your building or on your "donor recognition wall" in your office/public place, special shout-out/mention in your annual report, on social media, on special section of website

Just starting your recurring giving program & wanting to get folks moving?

  • Create a sense of urgency (ex: "The first 10 people who become a monthly giver/Round-Up supporter, etc. will receive an exclusive social media interview & recognition or "be entered to win" a prize pack)

  • Leverage your partnerships with public and/or local supporters and businesses (know any local celebrities/people of influence who can offer a shout-out and "call to action"? will your local BBQ restaurant offer a gift certificate or "10% off discount one night only where you can table and share your ask?) 

  • Emphasize to your donors that monthly giving is the best way to support you

Charity Partner Examples

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