Your Website's donation page should be 

  • attractive

  • simple

  • easy-to-use

  • mobile-friendly

  • quick for donors to give (less clicks)

Harness takes care of this for you by creating personalized Fundraising Pages found in your Admin Dashboard > Giving Forms > Checkouts.

Check out these ways you can feature Harness on your website! 👈💻

Option 1

You can REPLACE your current Web site's donation destination with one of your Harness Giving Page's URL. *RECOMMENDED*

Option 2

You can also ADD one or more of your Harness Giving Page's URL's to your Website's current donation page. (Ex: You can create a "Round-Ups" drop-down button on your Web site's navigation bar or on your donate page that links directly to Round-Ups only.)

Partner Examples


If your Website has a lot of fill-in-the-blank fields and questions, donors (especially those who give via mobile device) are less likely to complete the donation process. 👇

If your Web site is "minimalist" in it's design and all barriers to interaction (too much text, unorganized structure, too may options to give) are removed, you are more likely to receive donations. 👇

The fewer hoops your donor has to jump through to get to your official donate page, the better. Your donors should be able to start making their donation within TWO clicks (either once on your Website's home page or immediately after arriving on your Website's official donate page).  👇

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