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Creating & Sharing Your Round-Ups Ambassador Program
Creating & Sharing Your Round-Ups Ambassador Program

Mobilize Your Round-Up Donors to Help You Raise Support

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So you've launched your Round-Ups campaign and have started to acquire some supporters. Kudos to you! :)

These donors are now your best advocates to help you spread the word about your Round-Ups program. (Who couldn't use an extra set of hands helping you spread the word and raise more funds? :)) So how do you mobilize them to help you get the word out and add more Round-Ups givers to your campaign? 

One way is to create a Round-Ups Ambassador Program and invite your current base of supporters to get involved! 

Round-Ups Ambassador Program Elements

  1. Create a name for your ambassador program.

  2. Decide what metrics you want your ambassadors to be evaluated by (ex: by # of friends/potential donors they "ask" to sign up; by # donors they actually sign up; by a pre-set # of donors they sign up each month - think 5-10, etc.)

  3. Decide the type and number of perks you want to offer these donors (ex: offer a "swag bag" - including your T-shirt, coffee mug, frisbee, etc. when they get their first 10 sign-ups; leverage your corporate partnerships to offer 2 tickets to a local sports game or restaurant gift certificate as a perk for that quarter to the top-Round-Up-sign up ambassador; offer something different to different giving levels, etc.)

  4. Decide how often you want to offer these perks to your donors (ex: to the top ambassador each MONTH; to the top 3 ambassadors each QUARTER, etc.)

  5. Determine how you will share these perks with your ambassadors (ex: mail their gift to them; send e-mail gift certificate, hold an event in their honor, etc.).

Here's an email template you can use to engage them:


Hi [First Name]!

Thanks so much for being one of our first [create link here that leads to your Harness Round-Ups page] supporters donating your spare change to create BIG change for our kids and [insert your organization's tag line here]! :)

We are excited to invite you to join our special Round-Up Ambassador Program we just launched! 


So glad you asked! This program invites current, active Round-Up donors to share the joy of our Round-Up giving option with their friends, family, co-workers and community and receive some special rewards and perks!


Easy! Just email [name of your organization's contact you want to receive this information] at [email address] that you want to be a part of the Round-Up Ambassador Program and within [a time frame your organization decides - ex: 24 hours] we'll create a special campaign/giving link for you to share on social media, in emails (and wherever else you would like) to encourage folks in your network to become a Round-Up supporter.


Great question! We love to reward our Ambassadors with special perks! 

1. [Perk #1] - You'll receive [this] just for signing up to be an ambassador today!

2. [Perk #2] - For every [x # of donors your organization decides - I recommend 5-10] that sign up to be a Round-Up supporter through your giving link (reviewed Monthly), you'll receive [this}

3. [Perk #3] - Our #1 Round-Up Ambassador (reviewed [Quarterly, Annually - you decide]) will receive [this exclusive, special prize]. 


No problem! Just call or email [name of organizations contact you want to receive this information] at [email address] and [phone #].

Thanks so much for ALL you do to make wishes come true here at [link to your organizations Web site]! We appreciate you and look forward to hearing from you soon.


[Your Name]


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