Attaching a photo or GIF to your text messages is a great way to create a fun, impactful, delightful connection with your donors.

To add a photo to a template, message, or auto-message, simply click on the "+" to the left hand of the message box and choose "Add a Photo."

Please note, photos should be less than 5MB in size.

Why is the maximum file size 5MB?

Unfortunately, certain phone providers don't allow for messages containing a file over 5MB to be received via text.   So, in order to avoid your supporters missing messages due to file size limits, we've capped the maximum file size at 5MB.

We apologize for any issues that causes - we just want to ensure all of your donors receive the messages you send no matter who their phone provider is 🙂

Where can I find GIFs?
While we've built a "Choose a GIF" feature right into the (+) in our text messages, GIF's can also be found across the internet. Here are some places that Harness staff members get their gifs: - Find GIFs. - Make your own GIFs with photos!

Step-by-Step Guide to Saving/Downloading GIFs 

  1. Visit a GIF Web site (like Giphy above)

  2. Click on the GIF you want to use

  3. Right-mouse-click the image to bring up a menu of options

  4. Click SAVE IMAGE AS to a place on your computer you can easily reference later

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