Don't worry if you're not technical!  We'll walk you through the steps of adding a "Donate" page to your website that shows your Harness "Donation" options.


Example of what we're referring to:

As an ED for Helping People Charity, I would like for our donation flow to be on a page on our website (which is so that I can link people directly to it.  I would like for the URL to be

We'll do this by using "Domain Forwarding + Masking"


What is Domain Forwarding + Masking:

Domain & subdomain forwarding lets you automatically direct your visitors to a different website (in this case, your website page will be redirected to your Harness Donation Page)



This update needs to be done through your DOMAIN PROVIDER.

Please find your domain provider from the list below for more instructions:

  • GoDaddy

  • Name Cheap (Coming Soon)

  • (Coming Soon)

  • Bluehost (Coming Soon)

  • HostGator (Coming Soon)


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