Instructions on how to "Harness your Website" on your Wix website builder.

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On Wix, you have to take the following steps in order to update your <head> section:

You must have a PREMIUM account with Wix in order to use their Tracking & Analytics tools that are necessary for this feature.

  1. Log into your Wix account.

  2. Click on Manage & Edit Site.

  3. Click Site Actions, and select Edit Site.

Click on Search and type in Custom Code. Scroll down & Select Custom Code from the dropdown.

Reminder: You need a Premium Account to use the "Custom" code feature.

  1. Paste the Harness <script> code into the box titled "Paste the code snippet here".

  2. Give the Custom Code a name (we recommend:  "Harness").

  3. In the section labeled "Add Code to Pages"  select "Load code on each new page" from the dropdown within the "All pages" selection.

  4. Where it says "Place Code in", select "Head"

  5. Then click Save.

Now that you have your website connected to Harness, let's look at how you embed the widget/button in your website.

To embed the widget code on your website, please follow the steps below:

Step Go to your Wix Dashboard, and click Manage & Edit site > Edit site

  1. Select button, text or image and add the link.

  2. Choose Web Address and enter your Harness code

  3. Where it says "How does it open", select "Current Window"

Lastly, click Done.

Final Step: Remember to check your website with Chrome or Firefox

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