Follow these steps to "Harness your Website" on your Joomla

Step 1: Log in to your Harness Admin Dashboard

Step 2: In your "Settings" - click on the "Website Code" tab (or Click Here)

Step 3: Copy the "Harness Code"

Step 4: Log in to your Joomla Admin Dashboard

Step 5:  In the upper menu, click "Extensions", select "Templates" and click "Styles"

Step 6: Identify your default template (it has a star next to it) and click on its name on the right side.

Step 7: Open the "index.php" file in the left menu

Step 8: scroll to the bottom of the editor and paste your Harness code just before the </body> tag

Step 9: Click "Save & Close"

Step 10: All done! Remember to check your website setup with Chrome or Firefox

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